SIO 210: Introduction to Physical Oceanography

Fall 2003

Instructors: Lynne Talley, Paul Robbins, and Myrl Hendershott

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 11:00-11:50

Location: NEW AS OF OCTOBER 3: Vaughan Hall 100

Equatorial Pacific SST, courtesy of NOAA

FINAL exams and final course grades: available from Ms. Tomomi Ushii in Nierenberg Hall 310. (x49696)

Course Overview

Physical description of the sea; physical properties of seawater, methods and measurements, boundary processes, regional oceanography. Prerequisites: the mathematics and physics required for admission to the graduate curriculum in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, or consent of the instructor. Since math courses might have been taken many years ago for some students, please check this math concept link, and attend the math tutorials at the beginning of the quarter if you want a refresher.

The course url is The notes and figures are background for the coursework. They are evolving and informal. They may not be used for other purposes without permission. Figures from copyrighted sources include the reference.

Course requirements: two graded exams. Study questions will be provided throughout the course, but will not be graded.


Links will become available as lectures are approached.

Math tutorial: Monday 12-1 September 29 through October 20. Replaced with regular class tutorial.

Class tutorials: Tuesday 9-10 and Tuesday 12-1 every week. Also Monday 12-1 starting Nov. 17.

Exam preparation tutorials: Monday Dec. 8 11-12; Tuesday Dec. 9 9-10 and 12-1

Relevant Texts

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Online Resources

Contact Information

Lynne Talley; Nierenberg Hall 305; 534-6610 Home Page
Paul Robbins; Nierenberg Hall 448; 534-6366 Home Page

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