ESYS 10:  Winter 2002

Errata for The Earth System by Kump, Kasting, and Crane

Chapter 4:

p. 65, right column, paragraph 1.  "Because the rotation rate changes with latitude, ..." :  Actually, the rotation rate of the Earth is the same at all latitudes.  The Earth makes ones rotation per day (or 1 rotation per sidereal day for the truly pedantic).  Instead, the text should say that the speed of the Earth's surface varies as a function of latitude.

Chapter 5:

p. 88, left column, paragraph 2.  % vs o/oo: The % sign indicates parts per 100 and is pronounced "per cent". The symbol o/oo indicates parts in 1000 and is called "per mil".  Sea water has a salinity of about 35 o/oo, which is equivalent to 3.5%.   In reality, since sea water is composed of a variety of different constitutents, determining parts per thousand can be difficult. Therefore oceanographers now measure salinity in "practical salinity units" or "PSU" which can be determined reliably in the lab. One PSU is essentially equivalent to 1 o/oo.

p. 89, right column, last paragraph and Figures 5-9 and 5-10.   profiles:  Technically, Figures 5-9 and 5-10 show "sections" of the ocean.  Profiles normally refer to line plots as a function of depth, such as Figure 5-8.

Chapter 15:

p. 296, key question 2.  "bidiversity":  This should be "biodiversity".
Sarah Gille, ESYS 10, UCSD, last revised Jan 2002.