ESYS 10:  Lecture 2


Easter Island: a parable of human impact on climate change
Easter Island Home Page
Mysterious Places: The Easter Island Story

Environmental quizzes
Environmental News Network: Test Your Environmental Knowledge
Environmental News Network: Global Warming IQ test

Components of the Earth system: Solid earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere

Change in the Earth system over time

Vostok ice cores
The K-T boundary and dinosaur extinction one overview
Solar luminosity


James Lovelock article from

Discussion: You are an "environmental" lobbyist for the U.S. Congress. Today you're meeting with a group of other environmental lobbyists to see if you can agree on any issues that Congress should consider in the next six months. From the perspective of the groups that you represent, what are the most important environmental issues today? What additional research would you like to see Congress support? What action should Congress take? Can you agree how to work together?