Instructions for Students Submitting Papers to

On the internet, go to .

If you have used before, log in with your e-mail address and password at the top right hand corner of the page.

If you are new to, select, “Create a User Profile” in the top right hand corner of the page.

This guided menu will ask for your e-mail address, allow you to create a password, and ask for basic information to set up your user account. You do not have to give your UCSD PID number to create your user account.

Before you can submit a paper, you must enroll in a class.

To enroll in a class:

Click the enroll in class button on your student homepage

Enter the class ID and class enrollment password for your class and click submit.

Day and Time
Section ID
R. Mitra
Mondays, 1pm
R. Mitra
Mondays, 2pm
Michael Gollner Mondays, 3pm 3207359
Michael Gollner Mondays, 4pm 3207361
John Sorenson
Tuesdays, 1pm 3207363
Krishna Sriram
Tuesdays, 2pm
Krishna Sriram
Tuesdays, 3pm

If the class information you entered is correct, the class will appear on your homepage. If the class ID and enrollment password are not accepted, please make sure you are entering the password exactly as it appears (all Turnitin passwords are case sensitive).

If you continue to experience difficulty enrolling in your class, please contact your instructor and verify that you have the correct class information.

To open your class portfolio:

Click on your classes' name.

Your class portfolio displays the assignments that your instructor has created. You can submit a paper to an assignment in file format or by copy and paste. Both methods outlined below.

To submit a paper:

Click the submit button next to the assignment to which you would like to submit your paper.

On the paper submission page, use the pull down menu to select your method of submission (file upload or cut and paste). To submit a paper as a file, click the browse button and locate the paper you would like to submit. We accept papers in MS Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, HTML, and plain text format. To submit a paper using cut and paste, copy the text of your paper from your word processing program and paste it into your browser.

Enter a title for the paper and click submit.

Once you submit a paper, it will appear in your class portfolio.

You will receive an e-mail receipt for your submission. Print and save this receipt as proof of the time and date of your paper submission.

If you have additional problems, see your instructor or TA.