MAE 127: Problem Set 4

Problem Set 4:  ps4.pdf
Solutions:  ps4_sol.pdf

Data:  For this problem set, you'll look at temperature measurements collected at three sites in San Diego County.   Here's the data file:  temperature.mat

It contains seven variables:
year_day, indicates the day of the year for 2004.
alpine_min, daily minimum temperature at Alpine
alpine_max, daily maximum temperature at Alpine
mtlaguna_min, daily minimum temperature at Mt Laguna
mtlaguna_max, daily maximum temperature at Mt Laguna
sanmiguel_min, daily minimum temperature at San Miguel
sanmiguel_max, daily maximum temperature at San Miguel
Temperatures are reported in degrees Fahrenheit. 

The data were collected at RAWS stations located at San Miguel, Alpine, and Mt Laguna, as shown in the map:
map indicating station locations
 Data come from

Notes on collaboration:  Working together on problem sets is acceptable, since you can learn enormously from each other.  If you work together, you should still make sure that what you turn in is substantially your own work, and you should check it carefully, for both conceptual and quantitative problems.   Mistakes made by groups tend to be penalized more heavily than mistakes made by individuals.