MAE 127: Problem Set 5

Problem Set 5:  ps5.pdf
Solutions:  ps5_sol.pdf

Data:  For this problem set, you'll look at a data file containing information about average temperature change in the Southern Ocean.   Here's the data file:  deltaT.mat

The file contains three variables:
decade indicates the average year for the temperatures
deltaT mean differences between data collected from ships during "decade" and data collected from floats during the 1990s, in degrees C
sigma 1 standard error estimates for deltaT

The data for this problem were taken from Gille, S. T., 2002. Warming of the Southern Ocean since the 1950s, Science, 295, 1275-1277.  (The link will work from computers on the UCSD network, but may not work give you full access to the article from other locations.)