Guidelines for choosing influential papers

This is a seminar on observational oceanography so papers should preferably fall into that category. Papers can also be chosen from closely related fields of observational earth systems (atmosphere/ice/sediments), especially if the paper includes some oceanographic content or implication.

The paper should also relate to your current or intended research. How closely it relates is up to you. It could be a significant milestone published 30 years ago or a detailed note published last year. Avoid papers first-authored by your thesis advisor.


A) A paper which either recently used, or pioneered an observational tool.

An observational tool could be

A) An analytic technique

B) a new form of instrumentation

C) (Publicly available) quality-controlled global data sets.

B) A paper which presents (or develops) a theory regarding an important oceanic process and then backs up that theory with analysis (or presentation) of ocean observations.

C) A paper from which you gained valuable insight into the workings of the ocean related to your research.