The FASINEX velocities, temperatures, and wind stresses are written in three netCDF files:

The surface moorings in FASINEX were given the clever names: F2, F4, F6, F8, and F10. The records in the files are from each instrument on each mooring in turn. For instance, for temperature the records are from depths 1 m, 10 m, ..., 160 m on mooring F2, then from the instruments on the other moorings, and ending with the 160 m instrument on F10. The records are 2448 hours long with the first hour centered at 0000 2 February 1986.

The following table indicates what data are in the files.

F2 F4 F6 F8 F10
1 m T T T T T
10 m T, u T, u T, u T, u T, u
20 m T, u T T, u T, u T, u
30 m T, u T, u T, u T, u T, u
40 m T, u T, u   T, u T, u
80 m T, u T, u T, u T, u  
120 m T T T, u T T
160 m T, u T, u T, u T, u T, u

Dan Rudnick prepared a number of plots of the data to help you verify that you are reading the data correctly. The best first step in any data analysis is to plot the data.