SIOC 221A 

Resources for SIOC 221A: Analysis of Physical Oceanographic Data

Bendat, J. S. and A. G. Piersol, 2010: Random Data: Analysis and Measurement Procedures. John Wiley & Sons, 3rd edition, ~594 pp. 4th edition e-book (2010).

Helstrom, C. W., 1991: Probability and stochastic processes for engineers. Macmillan.

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Thomson, R. E. and W. J. Emery, 2014: Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography, 3rd edition. Elsevier. e-book or e-book for 2nd edition

von Storch, H. and F. W. Zwiers, 1999:  Statistical Analysis in Climate Research, Cambridge University Press, 484 pp. e-book

Most of these books are on reserve at the SIO grad office.