Topic 2:  Life in the Sea


in-class handout


Alaskan sockeye salmon
North Sea cod
in defense of commercial fishermen
Galapagos sea cucumbers
Galapagos plans from 1995
New England lobster fisheries
Jamaican reef fish
Monterey Bay Aquarium web site on overfishing
Environmental Defense: Creating Incentives to Curb Overfishing
United Nationas fisheries program
World Bank statement
German government summary of UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
David Balton, US State Department, address at conference on fisheries management, May 1999
North Sea cod
white abalone
San Francisco Chronicle article
Atlantic swordfish (National Marine Fisheries)
National Marine Fisheries
National Marine Fisheries shrimp and salmon farming
Atlantic bluefin tuna
Atlantic swordfish and bluefin tuna
salmon farming
shrimp farming
Florida International Shrimp Harvesters