Turbulent mixing is a crucial driver of heat and nutrient and current distributions through the worlds oceans.  Away from direct surface forcing, most turbulent mixing in the ocean interior is driven by breaking internal gravity waves.  Global levels and patterns of mixing are hence set by the detailed geography of internal wave generation, propagation and breaking.  Our Climate Process Team (CPT) was created to develop, test, and implement dynamically appropriate parameterizations for diapycnal mixing due to internal-wave breaking for use in global climate models.   

Our team combines academic scientists with training in observational, theoretical and numberical techniques with members of two national climate modeleing centers, GFDL and NCAR.  Our official project runs from 2010-2015 For more detail on the motivation and background to our work, detailed physics of internal wave breaking,  attempts to parameterize resultant mixing, and publications, see the list above. 

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