MAE 127: Problem Set 3

Problem Set 3:  ps3.pdf
Solutions:  ps3_sol.pdf

Question 1 is intended to be purely analytic, and does not require Matlab.
Question 3 will require analytic and computational work.

Notes on collaboration:  Working together on problem sets is acceptable, since you can learn enormously from each other.  If you work together, you should still make sure that what you turn in as substantially your own work, and you should give check it carefully, for both conceptual and quantitative problems.   Mistakes made by groups tend to be penalized more heavily than mistakes made by individuals.
Data:  For this problem set, you'll again look at temperature data from a buoy in the Santa Monica Basin:  buoy.mat.  or for Matlab version 6 buoy_v6.mat 

See the web site for problem set 1 for a full discussion of the data.