SIO 119: Physics and Chemistry of the Ocean

TIDE POOL FIELD TRIP: example photos from past years

When the class was smaller, we were able to take groups of students to the tide pools located between Scripps Pier and Blacks Beach to collect a several-hour-long timeseries of physical and chemical measurements. The tide pools provide a model system to examine how an isolated system evolves over time. These photos are from 2015, when Cliff Hoang served as our photographer, except where noted. Data from these measurement campaigns might show up in this large lecture class. class picture

tide pool sampling In 2015, we sampled 3 tide pools, testing for the temperature, salinity, nutrients, pH, and total alkalinity of the water.
tide pool sampling Temperatures were measured using TidBits and Hobo Loggers, here in "tide pool 1".
We had a little difficulty with an octopus, who stole a TidBit and tried to get a Hobo Logger. (photo credit: Heather Page) tide pool sampling
tide pool sampling At regular intervals, we measured total alkalinity, temperature, salinity, and pH.
tide pool sampling Other properties of the tide pools were noted, including depth, horizontal dimensions, and types of organisms living in the pool.
tide pool sampling Samples were returned to the Andersson lab to be run.
More photos tide pool sampling
tide pool sampling tide pool sampling