SIO 210: Introduction to Physical Oceanography

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego

Fall 2009

Instructors: Myrl Hendershott, Clinton Winant, Uwe Send, and Jennifer MacKinnon

Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00-2:50

Location: Vaughan 100

Equatorial Pacific SST, courtesy of NOAA

Course Overview

Physical description of the sea; physical properties of seawater, methods and measurements, boundary processes, regional oceanography. Prerequisites: the mathematics and physics required for admission to the graduate curriculum in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, or consent of the instructor. 

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The notes and figures are background for the coursework. They are evolving and informal. They may not be used for other purposes without permission. Figures from copyrighted sources include the reference.  Updated links will be made available as lectures are given. 

Note that while some of the figures shown in class will be provided here, there is significant material presented on the board in most classes. 


HW1: due 2 October

         Solution to HW1

HW2: due 9 October

         Solution to HW2

HW3: due 14 October

         Solution to HW 3

HW4: due 22 October

          Solution to HW 4

HW 5: due 30 Nov

Mid-term solutions

Instructors will set assignments individually in class, including format and due dates.

This couse is offered for letter grade.  Grade will be based on: homework (35%), midterm (25%), and final exam (40%).

Primary texts - online

Other relevant texts, on reserve at library

Online resources

Some previous exams

Contact Information

Myrl Hendershott; CCS Bldg 303, 534-3208,
Clinton Winant; CCS Bldg 202 , 534-2067,
Uwe Send; NH 446 ,822-6710,
Jennifer MacKinnon, OAR 260, 822-3716,