SIO 219, 1 unit S/U
Professor Paola Cessi
pcessi at
Phone: 858 534 0622
Office: Keck room 366 - this is on the 3rd floor of Keck, south-west corner.

Meetings Friday 3:30pm, Keck Conference Room

Description The theme of the theory seminar this quarter is baroclinic instability. There'll be a mixture of research seminars and student-led presentations of key papers. Students are encouraged to register for the class, and participation by interested post-docs and faculty is very welcome.

Course Requirements Students should register as S/U. Registered students will be expected to present at least one paper during the quarter and participate in the discussion each week.

The reading list below is under development. Participants are encouraged to suggest papers that they like to read and discuss.


1. Eady, E. T. 1949. Long Waves and Cyclone Waves. Tellus, 1, 33-52

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11. Elisabeth Ghabache, Arnaud Antkowiak, Christophe Josserand, Thomas Seon. On the physics of fizzing: How bubble bursting controls droplets ejection.


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